Innkeeper Portraits


Every good tavern needs a good innkeeper, so it was only right we did some portraits for your tavern managing needs! Here you will find three variations of a casual human innkeeper: a chubby charismatic man who only wants to keep his clients happy, an old soldier with many battle scars and a lost eye who has gone soft after settling down and a very literate man who likes reading and discussing poetry with his clients.

But of course, if we presented you with the Dragon Blues Tavern, who better to run the place than a very polite blue dragonborn? We also added him as a portrait option with a sexy sax playing variation.

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In this packages you’ll find:

  • Digital portraits (JPG) of an Human Innkeeper in a total of 3 (three) variations.
  • Digital portrait (JPG) of an blue Dragonborn Innkeeper plus a sexy triangle shades sax playing variation ’cause I couldn’t help myself.


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