Innkeeper Portraits

Being our first map a tavern, it is only right our first pack of portraits should be of innkeepers. So we did three variations for an human innkeeper:

Sam, an old and chubby man who cares deeply for the well being and happiness of his clients, as if they were his sons – which he lost at war. The children of the neighborhood seem to love him, knowing he always keeps leftovers of cookies and cakes for them.

Gregory, a retired veteran soldier, with lots of old battle scars and missing an eye, who got soft after marrying and decided for a more stable and secure life near his husband and children. Gregory is a strong and robust man, with a very thunderous laugh.

Litwick, a very literate man who loves collecting books and reading them. He really likes discussing poetry with his clients. Litwick is anxious and is always cleaning his glasses.

But of course, an inn called Dragon Blues needs a special innkeeper, eh? Having this in mind, we did another portrait: the very polite and charming Cerulean, a blue dragonborn who really appreciates music and love playing some blues on his sax.


All the innkeepers portraits can be downloaded for free here:

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