Dragon Blues Tavern

Unlike other mead halls and taverns in town, the Dragon Blues is known for it’s ellegance and charm. With a renown for good music and it’s refined guests, it’s a nice place for your adventuring bard (or maybe a enterpreneurial rogue) to pay a visit

The tavern’s stage also hosts a contest of skill that attracts bards all across the region. Those with enough talent to impress it’s demanding audience are awarded with the Silver Horn. It’s not uncommon for those with this badge of honor to be highly sought after by the discerning noble after his own talented musician to sponsor.

A good musical act is almost guaranteed here, with a good fine meal served by it’s attentive kitchen staff.

Deppending on which point in time you are, however, you might have lost the opportunity to see the Dragon Blues Tavern in all it’s glory. Was it a plague, or was it a barbaric invasion that laid waste to the once wealthy town in which it once stood. Now in shambles, the once cheerful hall might host something evil and macabre.

This map set is free, and you can download it on the link below.

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